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PCWOF 2022 Inductees

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pcwof2022 inductees

PCWOF 2022 Inductees

The induction ceremonies for the Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame will occur on June 4th, 2022, at about 5:30pm at Camões Square, 722 College Street, Toronto.
The schedule for the ceremonies is as follows:

  • 4:00pm – Visit to Peach Gallery, 3rd Floor, 722 College St to view the Romeiros Exhibit
  • 5:00pm – Reception at Flor Dois Restaurant, lower lever of 722 College St for inductees and their guests
  • 5:30pm – Induction ceremony
  • 7:00p.m. – Private reception for inductees and invited guests at Revival Event Centre – 783 College St, Toronto.

The 2022 lnductees are:

  • Paula Palma
  • Nellie Pedro
  • Ana Bailão
  • George Pimentel
  • Francisco de Seixas Grelo. Horacio Arruda


  • David Tavares
  • Virgilio Pires


The Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame congratulates all inductees and invite all media and community to record the event and honour these deserving Luso-Canadians.



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