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Pedro-Aires-Simoes-Correia-squarePedro Aires Simoes Correia was born in the island of Sao Miquel, Portugal to Joao and Maria Georgina Correia in June of 1941. He graduated with a diploma in Industry and Commerce. He grew up loving to spend his free time in the ocean and playing sports. He is currently semi-retired from a very successful and distinguished career in painting and decorating. Although Semi-retired, he still finds time to work security through the Commissionaires of Manitoba in various federal and provincial government buildings. Mr. Correia is a very active member and leader in the Portuguese community, where he has volunteered a lot of his free time to organize, participate and further enrich Portuguese culture, recreation and community events. One of his passion is continuing to serve his fellow veterans through the organization the Portuguese War Veterans Association of Manitoba.

Mr. Correia was first called to service at the early age of 19 and then was deployed to Angola in 1963 as a Furriel Miliceano, Battalion 532 Company of Hurlers 529. He served two tour of duties until 1966, in between the tours he received further military training and rank development. One of the courses Mr. Correia excelled at was Minas and Armadillas. The three years were spent in Angola in the region of Dermbos. Mr. Correia was honourably discharged as 2 class Sergeant. Mr. Correia continued his commitment to military service in his new country Canada in the late seventies where he served in the Canadian Reserves for two years. As his family was young and growing, and beginning a new family run business Mr. Correia reluctantly left Canadian Military service, he again was honourably discharged.

In 2002, Mr. Correia formed the Portuguese War Veterans of Manitoba Association, Nucleo da Liga dos Combatentes and was elected President, a position that he still holds to this date. The Association has a mandate of supporting Portuguese Veterans in Manitoba as well as supporting the Canadian Veterans in acts of remembrance and commemoration of the sacrifices that both Portuguese and Canadians during times of military service. One of the significant accomplishments of the Portuguese War Veterans of Manitoba Association, Nucleo da Liga dos Combatentes was the planning, organizing, securing a location for and then erecting a monument for the Portuguese Veterans, the first of its kind on North American Soil.

Mr. Correia’s commitment to Veterans affairs extends into the Veteran’s Association of Manitoba and the Joint War Veterans of Manitoba. He also been asked by the 38 Brigade of Canada stationed in Winnipeg to present a seminar on “Leadership in Combat” The presentation was followed with a panel discussion and questions.

Mr. Correia was also selected to represent a liga dos combatentes in Paris, France at a UNESCO Conference on Global Awareness of Veterans . At the conference, he participated in discussions with other worldwide representatives on how to advocate for the rights and well being of our Portuguese veterans worldwide. Mr. Correia has been a staunch advocate for Portuguese war veterans, particularly those veterans that suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder — PTSD.

Mr. Correia does not limit his skill set to the military zone, but his commitment to service continues throughout the broader community where he has been selected to sit on several provincial and community advisory boards and committees. His longest serving board (13 years) was the License Suspension Appeal board, one in which he also was the vice chair for two years. Currently, he is a member of the Provincial Traffic and Transit Board.

Mr. Correia has also served the field of education through his work as an educational assistant in two Inner City Schools where he worked with at risk students. Mr. Correia has always been an advocate for Portuguese culture and language as evidenced by his 19 year commitment to teaching Portuguese Heritage Language classes, developing and promoting the Portuguese Language and Culture to the citizens of Manitoba.

Mr. Correia has served the Portuguese community in Manitoba since 1972, having held various positions on the board of the Portuguese Association of Manitoba. Mr. Correia has also been selected to represent his community in other volunteer organizations and boards; including Folk Arts Council, Provincial Human Rights, Immigration and Culture, and Manitoba Education Advisory Committee.

Mr. Correia has been recognized with the following awards: Merit Award – Commissionaires Senrioe of Manitoba – recognizing 15 years of service. The Eagle Award Aboriginal Veterans of Canada – recognizing Joint Veteran Partnership The Zion Award – The Jewish Veterans of Canada – recognizing Joint Veteran Partnership

Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Medal — recognizing significant contributions and achievements.

Mr. Correia ran a successful family business together with his wife and children called Conforto Do Bebe, specializing in European imported children clothing and shoes for 20 years. Mr. Correia and his wife, Maria Jose have enjoyed 49 years of marriage. They are blessed with two lovely, successful children; Maria de la Salette and Joao Pedro. Both children have completed advanced university degrees and are professionally employed in the provincial civil service and education field as a principal. Their passion of service to others was definitely influenced and passed to them by their parents.